SAPOA Member Resources

SAPOA Member Resources


Employee Benefit Plan


Health and Dental Resources

  • United Health Care (Healthcare) –
  • DentalGuard (Dental/Optical) – Find a Doctor
  • Dental and Vision ID Cards Card
  • Guardian Network In-Network Dental Provider List – Form
  • Boon-Chapman Administrators (Dental/Optical) (Effective 06/01/2011) – Form
  • Dental/Optical Amendment Amendment

New Vision Plan

Beginning June 1, 2018, Ameritas will be the new administrator of the San Antonio Police and Fire Departments’ vision plan, providing you with access to the VSP network. There is no enrollment action necessary; this change will be automatic on the first of June.

Workers Compensation

The administrator for the City of San Antonio Workers Compensation Claims effective 01/01/2012 is: Tristar Risk Management PO BOX 5228Janesville, WI 53547 Phone: 210-404-0400 | Fax: 210-404-0429

Time Donation Form

Download the Time Donation Form Form 

President to Membership Message


Pay Calculator

Select Year of Contract:
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Years of Service:
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Certification Pay:
Education Pay:
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SWAT, K-9, Bomb Squad
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v1.0 - 07/22/2016

as of

Monthly and Yearly Wages

Base Pay + Longevity - Bi-Weekly $0.00
Base Pay + Longevity - Monthly $0.00
Base Pay + Longevity - Yearly $0.00
FLSA Bi-Weekly Pay $23.08
FLSA Monthly Pay $50.00
FLSA Yearly Pay $600.00

Hourly Wages

Hourly Wage $0.00
FLSA Regular Rate $0.29
1.5 Rate - Non-FLSA $0.00
2.0 Rate - Non-FLSA $0.00
1.5 time
2.0 time

Court Appearances

3 Hour Court Appearance
Didnt actually work 3 hours (non-flsa)
3 Hour Court Appearance - FLSA
Actually worked 3 hours
3 Hour Court Appearance - RD
Didnt actually work 3 hours (non-flsa)
3 Hour Court Appearance - RD - FLSA
Actually worked 3 hours

Premium Holidays

Premium Holiday-8 hrs $3.46
Premium Holiday-10 hrs $4.33

Incentives Listing

Certification Pay: $50.00
v1.0 - 07/22/2016