Beginning June 1, 2018, Ameritas will be the new administrator of the San Antonio Police and Fire Departments’ vision plan, providing you with access to the VSP network. There is no enrollment action necessary; this change will be automatic on the first of June.

Some highlight and enhancements of your new vision plan include:

$0 copay and exam fees when you visit an in-network provider
Enhancement: under the new plan, you don’t have to file claims when a VSP provider is used!

$130 towards frames or contacts per calendar year
Enhancement: the prior plan only allowed up to $90 every two years!

You can update your frames every calendar year
Enhancement: the prior plan allowed frames every two years!

VSP offers a large network of eye doctors, including some retail locations. You have the freedom to choose any vision provider. However, your benefit dollars go further when you visit a VSP network provider.

The switch to your new vision plan should be seamless, so sit back and relax. Your current coverage level will automatically roll to Ameritas on June 1, 2018 with no action from you needed!



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