SAPOA Press Release – Oct. 24, 2018: ‘Rep. Castro to Police: Stay Away!



Chief McManus Surrenders to Castro’s Plea for Citizens to be Wary of Police

San Antonio, TX – At a time when people across San Antonio are voting, when we are seeing an increase in confrontations and assaults on public officials at restaurants and other public venues, and when suspicious packages are being mailed to media and others, U.S. Representative Joaquin Castro has called on the people of San Antonio to report on police officers “present at any polls.”

On October 22, 2018, Rep. Castro tweeted: “San Antonians – while I was at the Las Palmas early voting site this morning two police officers patrolled through the parking lot. Please let me know if other uniformed law enforcement is present at any polls.”

The response from Chief William McManus was not to question why law enforcement officers doing routine patrols was a problem for Rep. Castro, but instead to ask officers citywide to stand down and “refrain from patrolling through or parking in close proximity to polling locations in the City,” according to a directive in an email from Assistant Chief James (Tony) Flavin dated October 24, 2018.

“It’s no surprise that Congressman Castro views law enforcement so negatively, but his call for citizens to fear and report on police officers carrying out their duty is an insult to every officer and their family,” said Mike Helle, President of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. “It’s also very sad that instead of standing up for his officers, Chief McManus essentially agrees with Rep. Castro that police officers are people to be feared and reported on for doing their duty.”

The safety of all citizens while exercising their right to vote should be of utmost concern to everyone, but most especially to our elected officials who represent us in Washington, like Rep. Castro. The San Antonio Police Officers Association urges Chief McManus to stand up for police officers and not give in to Rep. Castro’s fear-mongering and anti-police rhetoric.

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  1. RS Reply

    This has to be the most idiotic thing he has said. Maybe he should have had his twin speak for him. Not the 1st time.

  2. Mike Ross Reply

    Once again, McManus has shown he is not worthy of being Chief of the San Antonio Police Department. I assume that if there were riots in San Antonio, similar to what occurred in Ferguson, he would order Our Police to Stand Down and let the rioters finish. Has it occurred to Castro and McManus both, that with the very volatile political climate occurring in our country, that maybe the presence of Police in the parking lot of voting stations might keep any confrontations from occurring. I wonder if Castro knows something the Democrats have planned that we don’t. Maybe he needs the Police to be absent. Or maybe Castro, with the Blessings of McManus, doesn’t want the presence of Police to discourage any ” Illegals ” from having a chance to vote. It’s a sad situation when our elected and appointed Officials side with the Unlawful. Citizens of San Antonio, as well as all SAPD Officers, you deserve better.

  3. Trinka Reply

    McManus….seriously? That is SO UNLIKE a LEADER!!!
    Quit being a puppet!
    Castro….your skinny little ass going to handle a big, bad dude if crap goes down?

  4. Herman Vogel Reply

    Looks like Castro is afraid all the Illegals Voting in and around San Antonio will be arrested and his Dumbocrat party won’t get the votes they need to Destroy our country

  5. Jerry Beck Reply

    McManus is a puppet. This time it’s not Scullys hand up there, it’s Castro making his mouth move. Who are you going to call if a problem arises? Castro? Neither one is worth his weight in barnyard fertilizer.

  6. Greg Sullivan Reply

    Once again, Chief McManus has demonstrated his unworthiness to lead our brave men and woman of the SAPD. His cowardice in not standing up to people like Joaquin Castro is despicable.

  7. Suzanne Hildebrand Reply

    I am incensed but not at all surprised by this irresponsible and insulting action by McManus. I refuse to call him Chief as he is not a leader but a dangerous puppet. His directive has the potential of placing citizens and law enforcement at risk. For me and mine, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our men and women in blue.

  8. Lela Reply

    Disappointment is the least of my feelings. Will the Chief answer to why he bowed to Castro? Should not have happened. As stated already, he is only enforcing fear of the police by doing as Castro demanded. And this is the man representing me? Hopefully, not for long.

  9. shortnsquat Reply

    Disappointment is the least of my feelings. Will the Chief answer to why he bowed to Castro? Should not have happened. As stated already, he is only enforcing fear of the police by doing as Castro demanded. And this is the man representing me? Hopefully, not for long.

  10. Becky Coers-Smith Reply

    Could it be that ineligible people might be trying to cast votes and police presence may discourage that.?

  11. David W, Fiedler Reply

    The Chief of Police for San Antonio, should be fired. His people have to patrol all areas wheather it is the polls where people are voting or any place else,
    FIRE THIS CROOKED CHIEF OF POLICE he is a illegal lover and leaves them run wild in our city,.

  12. PAULA SPAHN Reply

    Castro is only worried all the illegals here in San Antonio will not vote for him if they see police patrolling at voting sites. McManus is as corrupt as Castro. Of course, Sculley is the one who rehired McManus; all crony bedfellows. I think our police officers should challenge the Stand Down order and let their Union fight for their right to cover their sector of this City. Castro call the shots for Sculley too? I stand behind our men in blue; not Castro and his puppets.

  13. Ron Harris Reply

    Why would a law abiding San Antonio resident have a problem with this. Only criminals or people who want to cause others harm would be threatened by the presence of Law Enforcement.

  14. Jesse H Reply

    Keep doing your job we support you

  15. V Kalinowski Reply

    I don’t live in San Antonio or Bexar county, thank goodness, but Comal, and after 8 years of hearing about the Castro’s, McManus and Scully, think it’s time to throw them to the wolves. What’s wrong with a police presence? Were they telling people how to vote? No! But if something comes down, they’re they’re where they need to be. Send the Castro’s to California to join Feinstein, Pelosi and Kamala Harris in ruining good people’s lives.

  16. Forrest Byas Reply

    100% support police. These are trying times. Castro and his brother are typical of the last 8 years of anti police rhetoric.

  17. John Gonzales Reply

    WTF? Here we go again. This time it’s Joaquin Castro, instead of his evil twin, Julian. These two were bred by Maria Castro, who was an active COPS and Raza Unida member back in the 70’s. She’s passed on that evil gene to both of these far left “We hate America” leftists.
    Castro didn’t like seeing SAPD officers doing their duty at Las Palmas, so he “asked” that they stop patrolling “voting areas” of the LP shopping center. Of course, our weak Police Chief, McManus (political puppet) has caved, instead of defending the men and women he’s supposed to be leading. Now the cops have to stand down. I hope like hell they defy any political order that comes down, in order to send a msg to Castro to stay the hell out of SA’s local govt business.
    Our SAPD and other local Law Enforcement agencies are in a profession that is extremely dangerous, especially for the cop on the beat. This is an insult to the men and women who work hard and risk their lives every time they report for duty. Castro is pandering to Police haters and his lib bosses, Shumer and Pelosi.

  18. JD Reply

    Rep Castro seems to be suffering with a mental disturbance. How about people vote him out.

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