POC: SAPOA President Danny Diaz

San Antonio Police Officers’ Association Members Approve New Contract in Final Vote

San Antonio, TX – San Antonio Police Officers’ Association (SAPOA) membership voted to approve their new Collective Bargaining Agreement. This ratification is the culmination of negotiations with the City of San Antonio and an in-depth education process for members of SAPOA.

SAPOA President Danny Diaz had the following statement:

“SAPOA membership voted to approve our new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The next step is final approval from the San Antonio City Council. This contract approval is the result of the hard work of our Contract Negotiation Team and City leadership focusing on delivering a fair contract to police officers that protects their pay and benefits and recognizes the uniquely challenging job of law enforcement. This contract also includes key goals of City leadership that incorporate accountability measures to continue building the best police department in the nation.

I am grateful for the dedication of our Negotiation Team, who worked tirelessly to advocate for the best possible contract for our SAPOA family. Thank you to City leadership for their professionalism and dedication to working together. And thank you to every member of SAPOA for their patience, trust, and approval of the final contract.

SAPOA respectfully requests the San Antonio City Council vote to approve the final contract. Once approved, we look forward to starting the next chapter in our partnership with City leadership to serve and protect the citizens of San Antonio.”

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