SAPOA Press Release – Nov 29, 2018:

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sculley retirement


Sculley Retirement Signals Possibility of Better Relations with City.

San Antonio, TX – After years spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a losing lawsuit against First Responders, and less than a month after voters said they were fed up with an overpaid and autocratic city manager, and only a day after giving herself a “glowing” performance review in the hope of collecting a bonus of up to $100,000, City Manager Sheryl Sculley has finally read the writing on the wall and surrendered – announcing that she will retire no later than June of next year.

“Christmas has come early for the people of San Antonio,” said Mike Helle, President of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. “Whether it was bad faith negotiating, or suing to undercut our rights, it was always the hard-way with Sheryl. Now, with her departure, we can turn the page on a bad chapter in relations with the City of San Antonio. I look forward to working with the City Council as they seek out a new City Manager who respects the work we do and can build a team that is willing to work with us in good faith.”

The San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) welcomes the City Manager’s announcement. During her long, thirteen-year tenure Ms. Sculley built a team and an environment hostile to the interests of San Antonio Police Officers. Consequently, as we look forward to a fresh start and as the City Council prepares to search for a new City Manager, SAPOA also believes that the tenure of high-ranking Sheryl Sculley appointees, such as San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, should also be considered for replacement. Chief McManus is currently under the investigation by the Texas Attorney General and his tenure has been marked by an unwavering obsequiousness to the City Manager, which has worked to the detriment of the typical San Antonio Police Officer.

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  1. lloyd l. sherwood Reply

    How is it possible for the SAPOA to permit (Mike Hale) and allow a skeleton image of a White City Leader (Sheryl Sculley) face pictured hanging behind him? IF she had done that to him, well the results would have still be bouncing off the walls” in city hall, NAACP news shorts, etc.
    We cannot sit back an have a “double standard.” SHE DESREVES EQUAL TREATMENT AN CONSIDERATION.
    was NOT THAT LONG AGO THAT COLLEGE “HANGING NOOSE” ON CAMPUS was a very hot & sensitive topic. And political figures were “VOLUNTERING TO BE IN THE FRONT ROW FOR ANY PUBLIC HANNING. We saw what that started!

    San Antonio is MUSH better then this STUNT.

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