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The recently disclosed failure by a Special Victims Unit (SVU) detective to properly investigate sexual assault or family violence cases was misrepresented by Chief McManus and City Manager Sculley. The number of impacted cases was greatly exaggerated with the total number previously provided exceeding 100 but the actual total was closer to a handful. Although we do not condone the allegations, the situation reveals a larger failure by the City of San Antonio and exposes the root cause of the problem: the deficiencies caused by not having an automated Records Management System (RMS)/Case Management System (CMS). San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) personnel having to rely on manual, outdated systems makes mistakes and neglect more probable. It also highlights another problem facing the entire SAPD – a shortage of police officers.


The SVU, like the rest of SAPD is facing a workforce shortage. For example, here is the current staffing breakdown for the SVU:


  • 45 detectives work within the SVU Sex Crimes/Family Violence department.
  • 4 detectives work at sex offender registration.
  • 16 detectives work in the sex crimes unit and handle about 2300-2500 investigations per year.
  • 2 detectives are assigned to human trafficking division and manage 70-100 investigations per year.


These are hard-working professionals who often work overtime and unpaid hours to solve very difficult and personally stressful cases. They work tirelessly every day on often times heinous crimes, but they care deeply about their work and the victims they serve. They deserve nothing but our respect and support, and we owe it to them to provide the human resources and tools they need to effectively do their job.


I will do everything in my power to ensure that it does not happen again – by working to get Police Officers the support they need, both in technology and personnel, so that they can effectively fulfill their mission of service to the people of San Antonio.


  1. Elizabeth fera Reply

    What can private citizens do to help, volunteer, input data, study cases?
    We’re not all scared to get involved and assist where needed. Citizens on Patrol

  2. Rudy Leal Reply

    Way to go Mike.!!! Keep up the good work sir.

  3. Roger Thomason Reply

    Seriously? You are attributing the fact that there’s no record management system as to reason this detective did what he/she did? What is the total number? A handful is not a number and just one case in this instance is too many. Instead of trying to attack your chief and city manager maybe you should accept responsibility and get those detectives the “tools” that they need in order to prevent this from happening again. I am very pro Law Enforcement so please do not take this as I am bashing anyone but accountability is a strong trait to have in that career field, so instead of excuses as to why it happened learn from the misstep and prevent it from happening again.

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  5. W Reply

    We’ve had RMS for years.

  6. Schoenberger Reply

    As a member of the assoc. I support all you and the executive board does to represent the rank and file. I know i will be chastized for this but here it is. How do we fix the problems? What solutions exist to fix the problems. I have to believe travelling around the country the past 11 years in an executive level military capacity, knowing multiple officers of all ranks as my peers and superiors and some even former and current chiefs of police that run organizations bigger and smaller than SAPD, that their detectives do not need 5 separate user names and passwords to conduct research to hover over a copy machine and file a single misd level case.

  7. L.Tolar Reply

    I understand that SAPD is under staffed but the problem is when your black balled by one officer and you apply for jobs , you fit the job but never get called , also some jobs that are posted you don’t really need a degree for typing ,fileing , keying reports etc and a set new eyes to look into cases it only helps SAPD in the long run but anyway I still feel bad for the victims.

  8. Nancy L Crandall Reply

    It’s shameful that the City Manager makes more than $500,000, while our police officers use antiquated methods and lack the tools to efficiently do their jobs. All the while putting their lives on the line!

  9. Edward Kusak Reply

    SAPD needs a new Chief, and needs to FIRE over paid Scully. The city would save millions on dollars just by getting rid of excess baggage. I spent 34 years as a police officer, and never have seen a department run like this. McManus just wants the pay check and follow Scully thru life making San Antonio pay for their retirement.

  10. Edna Ortega Reply

    Part of the issue of having a shortage of police officers are the restrictions and guidelines you have set. I am referring to the age limit of 45. My fiancée is 49 years old, served as a Bexar County Deputy for 10 years. Graduated Valedictorian of his class. He left the department but served in the reserves for 10 years while working in the civilian sector. He wanted to return to law enforcement and wanted to serve SAPD but was told he could not due to his age. He was recruited by the SAPD Park Police and once more graduated Valedictorian. He is in excellent physical shape and ran circles around men 20 plus years younger than him. I have seen young overweight officers that are very much out of shape have no business wearing a uniform. It scares me to know they are protecting our city. Then, there are those officers that make ridiculous childish choices while wearing an SAPD badge and make the entire department look bad. I can assure you that my fiancée would never bring shame to the department and would wear the badge proudly, but he is too old at 49. It sounds like age discrimination to me. Maybe you should rethink the age guideline, it may benefit the department as well as the city.

  11. Fred Thompson Reply

    How does McManus keep avoiding the responsibility for issues within the SAPD? Identifying and being outraged at the failings of units within your jurisdiction is laughable. Major crimes up and a East side problem that the chief seems clueless in addressing. Time for a leadership change!

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