Police officer recruitment efforts are a tedious task. Now more than ever, recruiting, selecting, and retaining police officers is incredibly difficult. To boost recruitment efforts, The San Antonio Police Officers’ Association recently visited Austin, Texas to spread awareness on the lack of law enforcement officers in San Antonio. The San Antonio Police Department needs at least 2,418 police officers to serve and protect the 1.4 million San Antonians living in the city, however, we are short a total of 237 police officers.

The truth is with pressures and demands of the job, along with finding individuals who want to step into the dangerous career of serving and protecting, finding individuals is a daunting task. Turnover is the biggest concern for officer shortage. The number of police officers that retire or switch careers far outweighs the number of recruits found each year.

Police departments are looking for individuals with the right blend of skill sets, such as great communication skills, level-headedness, and a willingness to serve the community to the best of his or her ability. Law enforcement is viewed as a calling and not so much a career change. A takes a unique person to take on the job of a police officer and often they are recruited to other types of jobs.

However, the benefits to police officering are many. It is a challenging career that will keep the individual alert and enthused in a non-routine job. Law enforcement is rewarding due to the crises faced head on and averted. A life may even be saved in the process. The career is a secure one with great pay and benefits and room for growth. The number of departments to work in are numerous, including patrolling, investigation, and more. And finally, the job is respected by most people in the community.

The San Antonio Police Officers’ Association stands with the men and women of San Antonio who serve and protect. Do you have what it takes to serve your community?

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