Over the next several days, SAPOA will be listing every policy in the SAPD General Manual violated by Police Chief William McManus on December 23, 2017 when he released twelve undocumented immigrants into the City of San Antonio without properly and thoroughly identifying them. (Story here). City Manager Sheryl Sculley – the only city official with authority to investigate the chief – has said his actions were proper, but she’s wrong, and here’s the proof:

Violations 1 – 4: To begin with, here’s what the General Manual says about who the rules and regulations apply to:

1.01 PURPOSE: “These rules are designed to promote efficiency, discipline, and good public relations by setting forth policies governing the conduct and demeanor of every member of the police department, both on- and off-duty.”

1.03 SCOPE: “These rules and regulations govern the conduct, responsibilities, duties, assignments of, and the use of equipment by all members of the department.”

1.04 ACKNOWLEDGMENT: “The Rules and Regulations of the San Antonio Police Department, which are incorporated in the General Manual, apply to all employees, both sworn and non-sworn, and have the effect of an order.

2.01 COMMAND/SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: “B. ENFORCE RULES: Supervisory officers shall be uniform and impartial in the enforcement of these rules and procedures; the insurance of conformity on the part of command officers to all orders, directives, and other instructions issued to the members of the department.

To be continued…

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