Police Chief Violations – Update #3

McManus with Officers

Four more SAPD General Manual policies violated by Police Chief William McManus on Dec. 23, 2017 when he released twelve undocumented immigrants into the City of San Antonio without properly and thoroughly identifying them. (Story here). City Manager Sheryl Sculley – the only official with authority to investigate – has said his actions were proper, but she’s wrong. Here’s the proof. Violations 12 – 15:

3.29 SOLICITING SPECIAL PRIVILEGES: (A). FOR PERSONAL GAIN: Members shall not use their official position to solicit special privileges for themselves or others.

4.09 DUTY TO REPORT CRIMES: Members receiving or possessing facts or information relative to a criminal offense shall not conceal, ignore, distort, or retain such facts or information, and will report such facts. Members will have a continuing duty to report facts and information relative to criminal offenses until the criminal offense has been reported through proper channels.

4.12 OFFICIAL REPORTS: (A). COMPLETION OF REPORTS: Members shall complete reports promptly, accurately, and in conformance with the reporting procedures of the department. (B). SUBMISSION OF REPORTS: Members shall complete and submit all reports prior to going off-duty.

4.17 COOPERATION WITH OTHER AGENCIES: Members shall cooperate with all agencies engaged in the administration of criminal justice and other public departments, giving to each all aid and information they might be entitled to receive.



  1. Charles Brown Reply

    Sheryl Scully should not have any authority over anything elected official should have oversight responsibility.

  2. Ben Reply

    Sculley needs to go!

  3. Ray Navarro Reply

    The Texas Rangers need to investigate

  4. John E Foddrill sr Reply

    On January 11, 2018 I sent certified mail to the Feds and to AG Paxton detailing McManus’s and Sculley’s involvement in an ongoing criminal coverup involving tens of millions of dollars, Judicial Fraud, perjury, “cooked” books, official oppression, 4 years of illegal meetings when McManus banned whistleblowers and other crimes.

    see my FB page for videos and info https://www.facebook.com/Jefsr

    see http://www.castrogate.com for numerous documents, court transcripts, depositions, emails, billing statements, audits, correspondence, etc.

    thank you

  5. David P. Ward Reply

    18 USC 1512, Felony, Witness tampering. Human trafficking by Mexican Cartels is rampant in the United States, deaths are directly related to it. Case after case of humans being transported by tractor trailer, only to be found dead from suffocation or heat stroke. What this so-called chief did by releasing these illegal aliens, is hinder Federal Officials – ICE – from investigating this human trafficking case. In addition, I would seriously consider aid and abetting charges under 8 USC 1324, also a felony. I am thoroughly disgusted with the posture of these “sanctuary officials’, hampering other law enforcement agencies from doing their sworn oaths to uphold the laws and Constitution of this country. ICE did not invent these laws, representatives of Congress did, including representatives from Texas. Maligning ICE and Border Patrol agents because they are doing their duties is beyond the pale. Like SAPD officers, our Agents bleed red as well, and over 160 Border Patrol and ICE/INS agents have given their lives to protect this country from vile thugs that infiltrate and create crime in all our cities. The Chief and his guardian, the Mayor, need to face the consequences.

  6. Charles Reply

    According to McManus, an agent from U.S. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) had been notified shortly after the arrest and was present when officers brought the 12 passengers in for questioning.

    “At no time did SAPD restrict or prevent the HSI agent from taking custody of the individuals,” McManus wrote.

    If SAPD had continued to detain the passengers after they were questioned, the city may have faced legal liability, according to McManus.


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