Holiday Season Travel? Make Safety Part of Your Plan.

Airplane in the sky

Fall is upon us, and following closely behind are millions of Americans hitting the road or flying the friendly skies. For San Antonians with intentions to travel for the upcoming holidays, here’s  a bit of food for thought: In 2016, AAA Texas predicted that nearly 4 million Texans would be traveling for the holidays. Whether by car, train, or plane, traveling requires planning.

To keep you, your family, and your property safe during this time, we have compiled a list of the seven most important safety preparations for travel:

1) Check before leaving: Be sure that before you set off on a long drive, you check the weather for unexpected rainfall or snow on your route. Also be sure your vehicle is in proper working order to avoid getting stranded.

2) Keep your vehicle’s gas tank at least half full for road trips, and maintain an emergency supply kit in your vehicle for when the unexpected occurs.

3) Be sure to fully charge your cell phone and keep a backup charger with you during travel.

4) If you are traveling alone, let someone (such as a roommate, neighbor, or friend) know where you are going. Give them information on the route you will travel, and the phone number of where you’ll be. In case you don’t make it to your destination at a specified time, people will know where to start looking.

5) Thieves can guess that no one is home when there is mail piling up at the door. Coordinate with your post office about receiving mail during your travel time.

6) Never leave doors and windows unlocked while you’re away traveling. This is especially important with garage doors. Many times, burglars enter through doors that someone forgot to secure. Pick up and put away spare keys hidden outside of the home.

7) Never make your plans for travel known on social media. Ask someone you trust to check on your home a few times.

Have a fun and safe holiday season!

5 Safety Tips for the Holidays

Broken glass in a car front seat

Are you ready for the holidays? Whether you travel for Thanksgiving or stay home to watch a football game on TV after your turkey dinner, you and your family’s safety should always be your top priority. More than any other season of the year, your personal safety and threats to your property may be at increased risk during the holiday season. To stay safe this holiday season, here are five holiday safety tips to keep in mind.

Gift Robbers. When purchasing gifts online, you’ll want to be aware of having them stolen from your porch once they arrive. Request that the gift get left in the backyard or have the package require a signature upon being dropped off. Take advantage of delivery tracking and insurance if applicable.

Parking Lot Thieves. Be aware of your surroundings when exiting the mall and other stores. When carrying a lot of bags, always make sure that your keys, phone, and pepper spray (if you have it) are easily accessible. Watch out for loiters who roam the parking lots. They may be looking for unlocked cars with visible valuables. Make sure your car is locked and that your wallet, purse, and gifts are locked in the trunk of the car.

Identity Theft. If your wallet or purse was stolen, think of how much information that thief would have on you. Leave important documents like your Social Security card, birth certificate, and passport at home unless it’s absolutely necessary to carry them. Use secure websites when shopping online and log off from those sites after you’ve completed your purchase. Monitor your bank account activity regularly throughout the holidays for suspicious activity.

Traveling. When driving, do not drive under the influence of alcohol and be aware of your surroundings. By planning extra driving time and eliminating distractions, you can help ensure safe travels during the wet road conditions of the holidays.

Home Fires. Fires can be caused by any number of unsupervised things around the house, including candles and Christmas lights. Don’t leave any open flames unsupervised and turn off all of your Christmas lights before going to bed.

The men and women of SAPOA wish you a very safe and enjoyable holiday season! Keep following our blogs for other safety tips throughout the year.