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In talking about what it takes to create a great team, you first have to look at who the right people for your group are and ensure they have correct and innovative training. For example, let’s look at the Spurs. Their front line includes Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard etcetera. What’s the secret to their success? How do you get such talented people to join your team and make it great? To be blunt, it usually takes money. Surprisingly, our Spurs are classy and not greedy; Tim Duncan makes only a third of what Kobe Bryant demands.

The San Antonio Police Department is another great team. We continuously strive to gain the right people and give them the appropriate training. Just like any organization, we want to KEEP these people that make our team great. We are not greedy, we don’t need to be paid 3 times what others make, but, as in most businesses, money is an issue along with loyalty and appreciation. San Antonio Police Officers are asking for a benefits package that is comparable to other top cities. We understand that Healthcare Coverage, in general, has changed. If we are going to foot the bill, it is only fair that our salaries be in line with similar cities and departments. For example, our department makes 11K less than the Austin police. With such a tight budget it will become increasingly difficult to pay new health care expenses.

San Antonians, if you agree, please write your councilman and let them know that you want what is best for our great team at the Police Department. A fair chance and fair pay and benefits seems only right.

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