Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the decision-making authority for the San Antonio Police Officers Association. They are our Congress. Every officer that has decided to take the time to represent fellow officers, to speak for them, and to inform them should receive a great deal of respect from all of us.

A Director delivers the Association message straight to the officers they represent. And just as important, they are responsible for advocating and carrying the message of the membership to the Association leadership. The Directors are the glue that keeps communication moving and the team together.


Ambrose Scott SPB
Bjerk William PPT
Bunnell Scott CID/MajCri
Burns Cliff EPB
Cano Vincent WPA
Coble Kevin EPT
Cuellar Richard WPC
Diaz John SOU
Garcia Ronald WPB
Garza Alex SPA
Garza Michael CID/AC
Groce Daniel EPC
Hagan Kenneth EPA
Hardaway Johnny NPC
Hoggard Jonathon POP/GANG
Johnson Allen CID/NAR
Johnson Dariel CPT
Johnson Todd ATA/THA
Lucas Rodney BIKE
McCormick Sandra WPT
Montemayor Andrew CPB
Montoya Elizabeth CPC
Parchem Christopher CID/VICE
Paz Matthew CID/ROP
Perez Johnny NPA
Perry Gregory CPA
Rendon Eluterio TCC/TRAF
Rosales Robert SPT
Sanchez Jason SPC
Torres Jennifer NPB
Trevino Albert PPC
Viera Amanda TCA/TRAF
Worley Paul Chaplaincy