San Antonio Police Officers' Association

Established in 1946

The San Antonio Police Officers Association has a singular focus to represent, preserve, and protect the benefits earned through dedicated service to our community.

The Association leadership are uniformed officers elected by the membership and entrusted with carrying forward the message of service and integrity to the City of San Antonio.

mike helle

Letter from SAPOA President

Mike Helle, SAPOA PresidentFor more than 10 years, I have been proud to serve you and work with our Executive Board to protect and promote a brotherhood among our members. To me, SAPOA is more than just a professional association, it’s a family, and like family, we all look out for each other. That’s why I’ve been so proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish in the last few years. From negotiating a favorable contract with the city that protects officer’s rights and benefits, to working with our state legislature to ensure that they enact strong public safety laws, to supporting Blue Cares, SAPOA’s community outreach arm that helps children all across San Antonio, this has been a busy and productive year.

Now, as we move forward with our work, I want you to know that I’ll continue to keep an open line of communication with you, which is why we have invested resources into making sure that you are always kept abreast of issues and developments that pertain to your pay, benefits, and working conditions, and that the community at large and our city leaders remain aware of issues pertinent to public safety. SAPOA is at the forefront of police associations throughout Texas when it comes to utilizing technology and other means to communicate with the community and city leaders and to advocate on your behalf. You should be proud of this because it means that you and your family’s needs are never far from the minds of the public or the city officials who determine your pay, your benefits, and your safety on the job.

I also want to make clear to all members of this association and the entire community that the San Antonio Police Officers Association and its leadership team have always been, and always will be, transparent and accountable when it comes to our goals, our programs and initiatives, and our operations. As president, I have always said that our advocacy on behalf of our members will always be carried out with integrity and I’m proud to say that we have kept that pledge. With your support, SAPOA has made tremendous progress as an organization and as we enter a new year, things are only looking better.

Executive Board

The San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) is led by a dedicated and selfless team of officers who focus on taking care of the membership and their families. The Executive Board comes from within the ranks and each role has a purpose and area of expertise. This team is the voice of the Association and they serve the membership to the best of their abilities.

These dedicated and selfless members have contributed greatly to make our Association what it has grown to become. Throughout the years these members have guided this organization from a social group of officers to the State’s most modeled police labor organization. The entire time they have continued to work with community leaders, building mutual trust and respect.

The Executive Board members provides much needed support for the president. They provide the stability within our organization and advocate for the needs of the entire Association.

Arthur Lindley, Jr.


Robert Grajeda


Amanda Viera


Don Gatten


Past Presidents

We cannot overlook the leaders from our past that set the tone for our future. The past presidents of the San Antonio Police Officers Association laid the foundation for who we are today.

The presidents below gave of themselves to represent the needs of thousands of officers throughout the 60-year history of SAPOA.

We owe them a debt of gratitude and thanks for a job well done.

William M. Porter


Alfonso G. Peeler


Emil Peters


Arthur Bonnet


Louis Yates


William Lambkin


Arnold Bookout


Jack P. Westbrook


R.D. Allen


Jack Hutton


Jack O. Larned

1958-1960 | 1963-1964

Robert Hernandez


Wilton Shaw


Joe Neaves


Israel “Ike” Garza


Joe Mendoza


Abelardo “Abe” Flores


James Anderson


Tom Barnes


A.M. “Zeke” Zalesky


Gerald P. Clancy

1973-1979 | 1991-1996

Alfonso G. Peeler


William B. Wolfe


Robert E. Rudewick


Harold W. Flammia


Jimmy Wilborn


Carl King


Alex Perez


Ronnie Welch


Rene Rodriquez


Teddy Stewart


Mike Helle


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