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In Boiling Springs, South Carolina, the words “staff appreciation” have never been more meaningful.  Brenda Hurst, the head custodian at Boiling Springs High School, has taken care of the school for over twenty years.  From her school spirit at school athletic events to the care she gives the children to managing the maintenance of the school, Hurst has been a permanent fixture in the lives of the Boiling Springs family.  And last year, tragedy struck: Hurt’s home suffered a horrific fire and all was lost.


Alexis Ork, the Student Council President, took it upon herself to meet with her faculty advisor about the tragedy, and soon the school was coming together, raising money to help Hurst purchase a new mobile home.  They even went as far as to get sponsors for the necessities.


Then when Mike Ravan, the executive director of the United Carpenters for Christ in Spartanburg, South Carolina, read about Hurst’s story, he offered to help build Hurst a new home.


With community and school donations, not only were they able to build the home but also furnish it for Hurst.  She even received items she had never owned before, like air conditioning and a clothes dryer.


Though Hurst has not moved in just yet, she is already making plans to put her kitchen to good use by making everyone her specialty . . . banana pudding!



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