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San Antonio Police Officer Cameron Helle is feeling valued and heartened despite the recent news and violence against our men and women in blue. Something that happened to him recently reminded him that the violent individuals in our society who seek to harm police, like the man that murdered Deputy Darren Goforth in Houston, do not represent the majority of our community.

Last month, an anonymous, hand written letter was left tucked into Helle’s driver’s side window of his cruiser where he would be sure to see it. It read:

“Had your back as long as I could stay. Gotta get home to my babies. God bless y’all. Blue lives matter. All lives matter.” It was simply signed, “A mom”.

This warm gesture could not have come at a better time, instilling a new faith in not only Officer Helle, but in law enforcement workers all over the city and possibly further.

Some may wonder just what kind of culture we live in where the citizens feel the need to defend their own protectors. Well in Helle’s case, it is touching and inspiring. A regular citizen, keeping an eye on who is supposed to be her own protector, brings an irony to the time that we are living in. How many others out there have had the same thought about police safety? How many have lingered a few minutes longer than usual to keep a watchful eye on our police? How many have begun important dialogue with their own children on the respect that Officers of the law deserve? If you are also sensivitive to this cause, let the officers know. Your support will mean the world to them.

“My heart was warm. Especially with everything going on right now, it felt awesome,” said Helle.

The SAPD thanks everyone who “backs the blue,” and truly appreciates your encouragement and kindness.


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