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Project CJ (Caring for Juniors) is a food assistance program that benefits students who come from low-income families and attend Title One elementary schools in San Antonio. The goal of Project CJ is to ensure children have enough healthy snacks and food options during their time away from school and on weekends, and not just at school.

To ensure the success of this exceptional program, Blue Cares needs sponsors who also desire to reach out to our community’s underprivileged families.

From identifying those children in need, to food donation, to packaging and delivery, it takes many hands to make this program operate smoothly.

We are so grateful for our partnership with the San Antonio Food Bank, Harris/Dailey Wells and area educators and all that they bring to the table, literally.

But still further help is needed. If you or your company would like to be a part of Project CJ or learn more about how you may assist us, please contact us at: 210.822.4428

Thank you for considering Project CJ and Bluecares!


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