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Blue Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. In the past few months, you have probably seen and heard these phrases a number of times. Recent events confirm that violence against police and other first responders is on the rise, with their public image becoming tarnished. Sharing these viral terms on Social Media and Emails to friends and family are a great way to share your concern and show your support for law enforcement officers. The hope is that changing the public image will help move the department’s image, and ultimately their safety, in a positive direction.


But is it enough? How else can you show your support in a more tangible way?


There is a new pro law enforcement campaign that you can personally take part in. The “Safe Harbor Initiative” is a campaign created by San Antonio citizen, Anthony Welichko. The program was created specifically to show our local police force that you stand behind them, encourage them and protect their position. And it is easy to participate in.


You may notice blue lines being added to the curbs of people’s homes. It is a symbol that a family can easily add to their residence to let police know that they are a police advocate. And the initiative is catching on with thin blue lines showing up all over the country.


Welichko has posted the photo of his curb on Facebook and it has already been shared over 65 thousand times. He came up with the idea after the recent controversial police-involved shootings in our state and all over the US.

“The war against police, if you will, gets a lot of attention. I get the sense that the officers themselves aren’t seeing that support,” said Welichko.

Not only will your simple blue line showcase your support, but will also serve as a reminder to all of the increasing risks that are associated with a career in police work.

“Every single day they’re here protecting us. Our families. Our children. They absolutely deserve that respect, and they need to know we appreciate that,” said Welichko.

So, show your support for our police. Grab a can of blue paint and share it with your friends and neighbors. Together we can show our protectors our support and truly Back the Blue.


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