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Most people think of their home as their sanctuary and safe place, so when it is invaded they are left feeling betrayed, vulnerable and violated. Here are some tips for preventing crimes in your own home:


  • When you move to a new home or apartment, ALWAYS have the locks changed.


  • While you’re adding new locks, request one inch hardened steel deadbolts on all exterior doors.


  • Keep Windows and doors locked at all times, even when you are at home.


  • Make sure you have window coverings and keep them drawn.


  • If you don’t have a door scope in your door, have one installed. A 190-degree door viewer is best. Always look before opening your door to anyone.


  • Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for proper identification from all repair persons or public service individuals before opening the door.


  • Always hang up on frightening or indecent phone calls. It is always permissible to screen your phone calls.


  • Never let your outgoing message say you are not at home. It’s best to say you are not near the phone or can’t get to the phone.


  • If an intruder enters your home, GET OUT! Go to a neighbor or find a nearby phone and call 911 immediately.


  • If you come home and you believe an intruder may be in your house, DO NOT ENTER. Go to a neighbor or a nearby phone and call 911.


  • Plan ahead. You can contact the SAPD Crime Prevention Specialist at your substation and schedule a free home security survey.



Taking these steps can bring peace of mind and safety to your home and family.

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