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SAPOA Hopes New DA Joe Gonzales Will Take Officer Assault Seriously

San Antonio, TX – In a disturbing trend, on incident after incident, prosecutors in the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office have failed to bring charges against suspects who have physically assaulted,injured, and in some cases, almost killed San Antonio Police Officers. Here are just three cases DA Prosecutors have “no billed,” or chosen not to bring criminal charges against assailants due to perceived lack of evidence. 

Case 1: Officers called to a disturbance and while investigating and questioning suspect, suspect stands up and sucker punches an officer in the jaw, knocking him dazed and giving him a concussion.While injured officer is trying to recover from the assault, his partner attempts to subdue the suspect who then begins fighting with the officer.Suspect is injured in the altercation with officers who are cleared by department of any wrongdoing during the incident. Although suspect instigated the altercation and injured an officer, the DA’s Office “no billed” the case and no charges are filed against suspect for assaulting an officer.

Case 2: Officer stops a suspect on the street. Suspect begins to fight with the officer, knocking him to the ground and giving the officer a concussion. While the suspect has officer on the ground, suspect attempts to take the officer’s weapon. An off duty officer,pumping gas nearby, saw events unfolding and runs to aid the officer, saving the officer from his attacker. Officer is transported to the hospital with injuries and off duty officer is given a “life saving award” from the department. Case is “no billed” by the DA’s Office.

“Prosecutors who fail to bring charges against those who assault police officers owe the community some answers. Time after time, rather than supporting our officers, they side with those who assault and injure them,” said Michael Helle, President of the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association. “I look forward to the incoming administration of District Attorney Joe Gonzales, and hope that his team is more serious about officers being assaulted and almost killed while trying to do their duty to protect and serve the people of San Antonio.”

Case 3: Off duty officer is shot while unarmed in a parking lot after an altercation with a suspect. The off duty officer, shot 6 times, manages to crawl back to his vehicle, retrieve his weapon, and returns fire, striking suspect multiple times. Both officer and suspect are transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Officer recovers and the suspect is permanently disabled. District Attorney prosecutors lay blame with the off duty officer, then justify the suspect’s shooting of the unarmed officer, and “no bills” the suspect.

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