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“Building Trust through Transparency” is the newest initiative by the City of San Antonio and SAPD to increase trust and improve relations between San Antonio law enforcement and the community. The program is in the process of being introduced in all parts of our city as SAPD reaches out to show their commitment to San Antonio and its citizens.

The first forum was held in July on the East Side of town. In August, it was on the West Side and in September it was on the South Side. A fourth forum will be conducted on the North Side before the end of the year

These forums feature guest speakers such as Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood, interim San Antonio Police Chief Anthony Trevino and Congressman Will Hurd.

In the most recent forum, held in September, Chief Trevino highlighted the fact that the police are currently going through extra training, emphasizing SAPD’s commitment to our community, the dignity of all citizens, and cultivation a newfound trust for law enforcement.

Community outreach is critical to police being able to effectively do their job, especially in communities where there is tension between police and the community.

The tragic shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth in Houston shows that police face danger all the time, even when they are not pursuing criminals. The shooting also revealed, however, the great respect the public has for the role of law enforcement, since the shooting has inspired communities across the country to rally to the side of their local law enforcement under the banner of “Police Lives Matter.”

Through these forums, and other efforts such as being accountable and transparent, and utilizing technology such as body cameras, San Antonio Police are committed to maintaining the good relations that exist with the San Antonio community and to build stronger relationships that ultimately result in a safer community.


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