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Recently in Raleigh, NC, an off-duty state trooper just happened to be driving down a rural road when he saw an oncoming car slip and skid into an icy creek and flip over.

Trooper Christopher J. Matos is being hailed for his quick thinking as he jumped into the water and pulled a fourteen year old child out of the passenger side window of the car. He then helped to unbuckle an infant child from her child restraint in the back seat, handing the baby off to a Good Samaritan who had stopped to render aid. Matos then assisted the driver, the mother of the two children, to shore.

The woman and two children were treated for mild hypothermia but are alive and well thanks to the selfless and caring officer who wasn’t even on duty.

Thank you to all of our First Responders, whether in uniform or not, who tirelessly help our community.


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