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The San Antonio Police Officers’ Association has always placed community outreach as one of their top priorities. Formerly known as the “SAPOA Benefit Fund,” the organization has recently given this special program a new face and name, “Blue Cares”.

Blue Cares continues to provide service to our community year-round. These services include assistance to underprivileged, low income and at risk children and families. Each year, the number of those who need assistance increases and SAPOA aspires to be on the front line in getting our citizens the help that they need. However, the organization is limited in what they can do without your support and donations.

Some of the programs that are offered from Blue Cares are the well-known Blue Santa program which has helped families make ends meet during the holiday season since 1976. Blue Cares also offers college scholarships to deserving high school graduates and have donated $20,000 toward renovation of the Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Oncology Unit. In addition, Blue Cares has begun the “CJ” project (Caring for Juniors) which provides food assistance to students from low-income families to ensure that elementary students and their siblings have healthy meal and snack options during the weekends and other times away from school.

These amazing outreach programs could not be possible without your donations and those of Blue Cares Sponsors. If you will find it in your heart to help Blue Cares, please visit this sponsor information page and fill out the form.

Let’s make San Antonio a better place for everyone. Together.