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Rarely do random acts of kindness make the news when so much is going on in our world and in our city.  However, this one grabbed attention across the country. The Cottonwood Heights Police Department in Utah posted a picture to their twitter feed saying “This note was left on the windshield of a marked CHPD patrol car. Thank you!”
As it turns out, as one of their officers approached his patrol car in a parking lot, he noticed a note on his wind shield, left under a wiper blade.  It read, “Officer, thanks for protecting our community. Don’t let the media get you down. You are loved!” and was signed “the Christensen Family”.
What a wonderful surprise and a example of encouragement for that officer.  Whether you decide to leave a note, give a hug, or shake a hand, please thank our own city’s police for their service and dedication to YOU and your community!
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