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Having been born and raised in Xiang Tan City, Hunan Province, located in Southeast China, Officer Luming Ji is the only first-generation Chinese immigrant in the San Antonio Police Department. Ji started his law enforcement journey in his hometown in China at the age of 21 where he attended a three-year police academy required locally to pursue a career in policing.

Ji began working as a police officer in his local town in China shortly after graduating. Early in his career as an officer, Ji left the local police department for one year while he served a peacekeeping mission for the United Nations (U.N). During his peacekeeping mission, Ji was stationed in Africa for one year. During this time, he received a U.N. Peacekeeping medal for his outstanding service and developed a love for the United Nations. Afterwards, Ji set his sights on working for the United Nations full time. He learned that in order to obtain a career with the U.N. he would need to return to school for a master’s degree. Upon returning home from the peacekeeping mission, Ji returned to working as a police officer for his local department. He approached his department with a request that they allow him the time and accommodations to attend University where he could get his master’s degree. The department declined, and with the utmost resolve to chase his dream, Ji resigned from the police force in China. He moved from China to the United Kingdom where he attended a university and completed his master’s degree. While in school, Ji began networking and tried to get his foot in the door at the U.N. as an intern. Shortly after graduating, Ji, along with his family moved

to New York City. He had no idea he would be met with utter disappointment as his application with the U.N. was shifted into a stack with many other applicants, never to hear from the U.N.

As a husband and father in New York, Ji struggled and worked tirelessly to support his family. Ji fell back on the career that he knew all too well, policing. Ji applied for the New York Police Department. With perfect scores on all his entrance exams and points for residency, Ji held the highest score you could achieve in the testing process. Despite this, Ji was told it was a five-year waiting list for the NYPD. Resolved to provide for his family, Ji turned to the Navy where he attended basic training and then came to Fort Sam Houston for Corpsman training.

While in San Antonio, Ji encountered several local SAPD Officers. As Ji spoke with these officers, he found a common theme that citizens loved SAPD officers, and likewise, SAPD officers loved the citizens they served. Ji took his chance and submitted applications throughout the major cities in Texas before returning home to New York. Within a couple of months, Ji was contacted by a recruiting detective and the rest is history.

Throughout Ji’s journey, he experienced many struggles and setbacks but continuously pressed forward, always giving his best effort. Officer Ji continues to serve and love the citizens of

San Antonio through his dedicated service as a North SAFFE Officer.

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