Where’s the investigation, Attorney General Paxton?

Helle Lemon

Message from the President

To SAPD Retirees and Supporters of Law Enforcement:

In January, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked Attorney General Ken Paxton to “review the human smuggling and/or human trafficking arrest in San Antonio for potential violations of Sanctuary Cities Ban.” The AG then sent a letter to City officials stating that he would “investigate these complaints and the procedure in Senate Bill 4 contemplates litigation.” He demanded the City “preserve all relevant documents.”

The investigation is in response to the actions of Police Chief Bill McManus on Dec. 23, 2017 after he ordered the release of 12 undocumented immigrants into our community without properly and thoroughly identifying them. By not allowing the individuals involved to be questioned, the Chief’s actions have already had consequences: the D.A. recently freed the driver of the 18-wheeler due to lack of evidence (FOX29, 04/05/18). In a similar incident last July, an MS-13 gang member was among those attempting to be smuggled, and in March, in yet another case of human smuggling, two people involved were “quarantined on suspicion of having a communicable disease,” (San Antonio Express-News, 3/30/18). Who were the individuals released into our community by the Chief? The answer is: WE’LL NEVER KNOW!

That’s why it’s so important that we get answers about the Chief’s actions and whether or not they violated our laws and procedures.

Will you join me in sending an email to the Attorney General and ask him: “Where’s the investigation?”


  1. Anissa Lloyd Reply

    Highly concerned where our Texas law enforcement stands on breaking the law. If this were an average citizen, we would be held to the law.

  2. Duane Gonyon Reply

    Attorney General Paxton,
    I was shocked when Chief McManus ordered the release of 12 undocumented immigrants. We have no knowledge as to if some of these 12 were MS13, drug dealers or some other type of criminal. I love San Antonio and spent over 23 years serving as a detective on the San Antonio Police Department. Never have I seen a Chief of Police let politics decide what Department rules should be enforced – with no regard to our primary goal of public safety. PLEASE do not let McManus go unpunished for this. This was not “poor judgement” as the excuse they so often use.

  3. Ramiro Alvear Reply

    I don’t believe that our SAPD chief followed the laws as stated for investigating this type of criminal activity. I feel he acted irrationally and too quick in releasing all those involved before veting all those involved and allowing those individuals to roam free here in our community and places outside our state.

  4. Gary R Molz Reply

    This is just another disgrace by law enforcement to dismantle our city, state and country because of the mental disorder known as liberalism. Why is this sanctuary city garbage allowed to persist when its against the paths of office these so called officials take to defend the constitution of this country and the very people that our them in office. Absolute disgrace and it should be investigated and those responsible should be held liable for the crimes these heathens commit. Totally unacceptable.

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