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Edwyn J. Gorrell, a fallen San Antonio Police Officer, was shot by a suspect during an attempted arrest back in February of 1988. After a brave, four month long battle, Gorrell died from his injuries in early July of the same year. He was only 34 years old. In April of 2008, the City of San Antonio opened a new city park off of DeZavala Road in the officer’s name.  Recently, a beautiful statue of Gorrell was revealed much to his family’s delight.

“A lot of people will hear about an officer that’s killed in the line of duty and, as time goes on, they forget. But the family doesn’t forget,” Chief McManus said. “This kind of remembrance ensures that people that didn’t remember Eddie Gorrell will remember him.”

The park and statue serve not only to remind visitors of Officer Gorrell’s life and service, but also the sacrifice that all our police officers make. For the family of Officer Gorrell, the day couldn’t come soon enough.

“It’s an emotional day. It’s been 27 years since my father was shot and killed. I’m actually one year older than he was when he passed away,” said his daughter, Shavawn Brozovic said. “It’s nice to have something to show my kids because they never got to meet their grandpa.”

Attending the unveiling at the park along with the family and Chief McManus were various family friends and even the talented sculptor. While the statue is officially up, the project is not complete. Gorrell’s story will be added to the base of the effigy in the near future. In a way, his story will always continue.

“There’s things that change when you lose a parent,” said Brozovic. ‘He wasn’t here for them (her children). He wasn’t here for my wedding, for my graduation, things like that. But he’s always here in spirit, and in my heart.”


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