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SAPOA Letter To Mayor Ron Nirenberg & City Council


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  1. Juanita Campos Reply

    How can this illegal act by the chief be allowed? He released unknown illegals into my community. One of these individuals could be the terrorist who will attack my grandchildren’s school or try to blow up the SAPD headquarters. No one person should be allowed to have this ability. The city manager needs to show some backbone and reel in her employee. We all play a part in keeping our country safe.

  2. Fedup Citizen Reply

    I’m calling for the arrest of MacMan-ASS, SA City Council, City Manager S. Sculley, Sheriff Salazar & the Archdiocese for violating Title 8 USC. Each of their actions is in direct violation of said Federa Law!!! I met with ICE on Monday 01/09/2018 and asked how come these law breakers haven’t been arrested. I have offered to execute a “Citizen’s Arrest” of MacMan-Ass and will be infrint pof PD HQthus Saturday @ 10AM to call for his & the others involved arrest, to be handed over to HSI Enforment!

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