New Billboards Regarding Public Safety Now Up

PSF Billboard Sample

Check out our new billboards! This is an important public safety issue! Let us know what you think.

Visit to follow the investigation of San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.


PSF Billboard: Message To City Leaders

Message To City Leaders: Follow the law, not politics.


PSF Billboard: 12 Undocuments Immigrants 18 wheeler

12 Undocumented Immigrants Let Go Without Proper Investigation


PSF Billboard: 12 Undocuments Immigrants Handcuffs

12 Undocumented Immigrants Let Go Without Proper Investigation


  1. A.longoria Reply

    The police officers assn.
    Doesn’t have enough money to help their members but they have enough to pay for these stupid billboards we have people robbing and hurting people cause there isnt enough officers to protect us all that it takes 45 min. to 2hrs to get some assistance us but they have money for this B.S
    Some body please tell me what the hell are they thinking
    Again the is B.S

  2. C.S. Blackden Reply

    A Longoria needs to be better informed before speaking. The SAPOA does not hire and pay for Police Officers. They are hired and paid for by the city (ala Sheryl Sculley). The SAPOA is there to make sure the Chief and/or City doesn’t screw over Officers. The SAPOA is actually on your side Mr. Longoria, by trying to get the city to hire enough Officers to reduce the response times that you point out.

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