SAPOA Endorses Senator Ted Cruz For Re-Election


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) today endorsed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz for re-election. SAPOA represents police officers and their families, advocating for legislation, benefits, and working conditions for San Antonio’s police officers.

“We are proud to endorse Senator Ted Cruz,” said Detective Michael Helle, President of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. “He is the only candidate in this race who is truly committed to law enforcement. He understands the important and dangerous work our officers do daily. Senator Cruz has a strong record of supporting law enforcement and has proven that he has our backs ––we need him to continue representing our great state.”

While in office, Senator Ted Cruz introduced the “Back the Blue Act” which made it a federal crime to kill (or attempt to kill) anyone in law enforcement. Senator Cruz also hosted a “Back the Blue” law enforcement appreciation event last spring for the colleagues and families of fallen police officers.

On the other side, Congressman Beto O’Rourke has become increasingly hostile towards police officers and their families, most recently referring to police officers as “the new Jim Crow.” While in Congress, Rep. O’Rourke has voted for severely reducing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement budget and he has voted for a bill that prevented funds for crucial law enforcement supplies such as body armor, night vision, and other gear. This is not the kind of representation we want for the law enforcement of our great state.

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  1. Jose Carrasquillo Reply

    You now very little about The Canadian/Cuban Senator shame on you. For starters you should get involve in politics. But now you help me decide how to vote on the propositions ABC

  2. EYG Reply

    This is wonderful news! Senator Cruz is probably the best Senator we will see in our lifetimes. It is very troubling to see Democrats and Beto O’Rourke stir up hate towards our officers. Thank you for keeping us safe and endorsing our great Senator who will help you do your jobs. #BackTheBlue

  3. P McFarlin Reply
    UNTRUE. Cruz said Beto referred to police and families as new Jim Crow. Cruz campaigning is mudslinging. VOTE BETO for a return to honesty.

  4. Jeff Roe Reply

    There should be a ‘Hold the Blue Accountable Act’ to make killing unarmed civilians by law enforcement a federal crime punishable by death.

  5. Greg Ripps Reply

    The police union has historically endorsed many Democrats, but the party has taken a radical turn.

  6. Patricia Varela Reply

    Ted Cruz has my vote Thank you for endorsing Senator Ted Cruz who has done so much for our great state of Texas as well as our beautiful country. He is the best choice for critical and logical thinking voters.

  7. William Kounter Reply

    Ted Cruz is one of Texas’ biggest problems. Vote Beto for real honesty and someone who will actually work for Texans.

    Cruz has done enough damage!

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