SAPOA Press Release – Nov 30, 2018

paxton lawsuit final


 Investigation Finds Police Chief Violated Texas Law

San Antonio, TX – Today, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the City of San Antonio, Police Chief William McManus, and City Manager Sheryl Sculley, for their failure to comply with Senate Bill 4, which prohibits sanctuary cities. The lawsuit is the result of a lengthy investigation into the Chief’s actions on December 23, 2017, when police were called to the scene of an apparent human smuggling operation. A dozen suspected illegal aliens were found in the back of a tractor-trailer and when Chief McManus appeared on scene, he refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and subsequently ordered the 12 suspected illegal aliens released from custody, in violation of Senate Bill 4.

“The decision by the AG to sue Chief McManus and City Manager Sculley totally vindicates the position our organization took earlier this year when we called out the Chief for his brazen disregard of Texas law,” said Mike Helle, President of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. “We said at the time, that the Chief’s action’s violated state law and that he may have very well put lives in danger by releasing unknown illegal aliens into our city.”

The Attorney General began an investigation into the Chief’s action after SAPOA leaders approached the Lt. Governor and the Attorney General on January 10, 2018. After announcing his decision to investigate, the Attorney General delivered a letter to the City Council ordering that they preserve all records and documents regarding the December 23rd incident. Since that time, Sheryl Sculley and almost every member of the San Antonio City Council has voiced their support for the Chief’s actions, making them complicit in the Chief’s violation of state law.

In light of this lawsuit, which names Chief McManus as the first defendant, and which asks the court to issue an injunction requiring the City to comply with SB 4, prohibit SAPD from thwarting federal immigration enforcement, and assess civil penalties against the City, SAPD, and Chief McManus, the San Antonio Police Officers Association does hereby call on the Mayor and City Council to:

  1. Place Chief William McManus on Administrative Leave.
  2. Appoint an Interim Chief of Police.
  3. Investigate whether or not the Chief lied to City Council Members regarding his actions on December 23, 2017.

Form more information on the lawsuit and background on the incident, go to: SvM Original Petition_FINAL.pdf

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  1. Danny Reply

    Awesome, he needs to book a flight out of the City along with Sculley…. BYE!!!!’

  2. Henry Jarman Reply

    He needs to Go and so does the Liberal City Council. San Antonio is turning into California. Open your eyes people.

  3. ggonzalez435 Reply

    If he wants sanctuary cities to work in he can go to california or new york. Or berter yet can go to venesuela.

  4. Jim Gibson Reply

    Law breakers that all I got to say

  5. Gia Reply

    I’m impressed with the actions of AG Paxton. I’m not immune to the plight of oppressive people. But the dark reality in San Antonio has been this abuse of power by Scilly and McManus for years. I’ve seen a change in the attitudes of some officers over the years with aggression, and some partaking in criminal activity that 30 years ago would be UNHEARD of. I don’t expect perfection within any Government agency. But the years of promoting those who contributed to criminal factions, has cost us more both in economics and our moral values.
    I had heard about the questionable ethics of these 2 upon moving back home from Austin. San Antonio was not a “trendy city” but one that held onto traditional values while focused on protection of anyone who had fallen onto hard times. I love my City. I respect both the Sheriff and police. Especially with extended family who served in NYPD and then promoted to SAPD in the office of Detective and District Attorney years ago.

    I know your jobs aren’t easy. Especially today with a world on the cusp of tyranny.

    Thank you Mr. Helle for your plight to protect all. And thank you all in SAPOA for being strong enough to step up and do the same.

    Human Trafficking is real. It’s the scariest level of human indecency I’ve ever witnessed. Children being the number one commodity.

    God Bless you all.

    Never ever stop fighting for what’s right.


  6. Sam Granato Reply

    It is disconcerting that Sculley, the City Attorney and Council refuse to see this issue for what it is! A criminal act of abetting illegal immigration! It is not discretionary, it is mandatory. The bill passed into law. If you dont agree too bad, it is the law. McManus has enjoyed some strange unexplained mojo over this City Manager that seems to affect her judgement. Twice thwarting selection processes to hire him and overlooking his misconduct. Thank God the firefighters won term and salary limits.

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