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Blue Cares is proud to be a part of Project CJ! CJ stands for “Caring for Juniors” and the program benefits students from low-income families who attend Title One elementary schools in our city.

It’s important for children to have healthy food options while they are away from school and on the weekends and holidays. Project CJ coordinates with the schools and community leaders to help those children in need by making sure they are fed.

Think about it. If a child qualifies for free or reduced lunch at school, chances are they need access to quality nutrition at home also. When the weekend comes, there is no cafeteria for them to go to and find nourishment. The San Antonio Food Bank is a great help but can’t cover everyone in need. That’s where Project CJ comes in.

Project CJ food is delivered to the students on Thursdays to get a jump start on the weekend ahead. Blue Cares partners with Harris/Dailey Wells to deliver “snack packs” of canned meals, grain bars, other small snacks, and bottled water to the community. Snack Packs are also sent to the student’s younger siblings who are too young to attend school.

Project CJ is Blue Care’s way of helping to safeguard our community’s children and ensuring that they receive the nutrition they need to help them grown and succeed.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us by assembling the snack packs. You can sign up as an individual or a group. What a great way to give back to our youth! Won’t you join us?

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