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The San Antonio Police Officers’ Association is proud to introduce its newly redesigned website at We have been working for the last couple of months to prepare a website that reflects our commitment to transparency, improved communication, and community outreach.

While this site will be the main home for all information regarding SAPOA we also want to direct you to for more information regarding our ongoing discussions with the City of San Antonio over our compensation and benefits package. offers a wealth of information regarding the collective bargaining process. You will find everything from video recordings of bargaining sessions, to our media outreach through radio and print media. More importantly, you will find facts and data to help you stay informed.

One of the main goals of SAPOA is to advocate for and protect your hard earned and well-deserved pay and benefits package. There has been so much information, both positive and negative, in the press for almost a year. With all the conversations and rhetoric, its important to remember what the truth is and how you can focus on staying informed and educated regarding the future of our benefits.

Remember, we are all in this together and we must communicate to stay informed. More importantly, we must remain a team and to do that, requires new ways to reach the community and our membership.

Take the time to visit Share the site with your family and friends and stay involved!