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The July Fourth holiday was a memorable one for one dog owner and his canine friend, “Fraser”.  They had gone on a hike up to Norvan Falls on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC.  Upon their return, Fraser could not make it back down due to cuts on his paws.  His owner then noticed signs of exhaustion in his dog.

Hikers passing by stopped when they noticed the dog and owner in trouble and notified the Lynn Headwaters staff as they returned to the trailhead.  The staff contacted the North Shore Rescue and began back up the trail with a stretcher for Fraser.
The North Shore Rescue contacted Talon Helicopter’s owner Peter Murray and let him know about the unfortunate situation at the top of the trail.  Murray, having a soft spot for dogs, offered one of his helicopters for free.  Rescue members were flown to the area and hiked to meet up with Fraser and his owner.

Fraser was lovingly and safely placed on a special stretcher and transported to the helicopter.  All parties were evacuated just before dark, Fraser was given proper medical attention and everyone went home safe and sound.

(source: sunnyskyz)

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