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You’ve been hearing about it a lot in the news lately. The San Antonio Police Officers’ Association (SAPOA) has been in contract negotiations with city leaders over pay cuts and changes to their health care premiums. You’ve heard of the SAPD but may be wondering what the purpose of SAPOA really is.

The SAPOA organization is over 60 years old.  It primarily serves as a brotherhood for our officers. A place to belong and empathize with each other during the trials of the job and celebrate together during the good times. In other words, a “family”. While we promote a fraternal organization among our members, it does not change the fact that our livelihood and purpose are to protect our community.

In addition to this comradery, we also endeavor to be a source of information to the society that we serve. As technology continues to change, our goal is to stay with the times and convey important information to the community in the most timely manner. We want to keep the public informed in the most transparent way about our strategies, our policies, and the challenges we face both on and off duty.

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Stay Safe!