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Calling all sponsors!  The upcoming school year is inching closer and closer and SAPOA’s Blue Cares wants to make sure that Project CJ is ready to run full force once school starts.  That means we need business partners who can help us with products and volunteers who can help us put together healthy meals and snacks.

Project CJ is an assistance program that benefits low-income families whose children attend Title One Elementary Schools in our city.  A meal is a basic necessity. Blue Cares, as a part of SAPOA, feels called to protect and feed all those who are in need, especially the children.  We strive to make sure these kids have healthy snacks and food options during their time at home and on weekends, not just at school.

Is your company one that can help us by donating food, snacks and healthy menu options?  Does your company want to take on Project CJ and get your employees involved in distribution and delivery?

Contact us for more information.  Together we can make San Antonio’s future brighter and healthier!

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