Fake Cops: We Help You Spot Them

3 SA Police officers walking in the streets

Police officers around the world are given the power of authority over others in order to protect people, their property, and their community. After they have earned the right to wear the badge, they are given a uniform, a firearm, and the responsibility to serve and protect the citizens of their community. However, there are people who take it upon themselves to impersonate an officer of the law, usually to take advantage of someone. To help spot a police impostor, be aware of the warning signs.

First, it’s important to know why some people impersonate police officers. The reasons vary, but for most it’s to attain a certain sense of power over others. It gives them an authority over people, as well as an easier way to break the law. It can be difficult to see the signs of a fake police officer. With police costumes available year-round and with advanced technology, it is not difficult to impersonate a cop and a badge. By familiarizing yourself with the San Antonio Police Department uniform and badge, impostors can be detected.

SAPD officer pulling over civilian.

When approaching your car or home, a police officer will knock and announce their presence. Watch out if this does not occur, this can be a helpful warning sign. A police officer has a purpose for being at your home so before you answer the door, ask the officer why they’re at your door. The officer will have no problem explaining the reason for their visit. A police officer will always wear a uniform, badge, name tag, and utility belt. In your vehicle, the best way to tell if you’re being pulled over by a police officer is by the vehicle they are driving. They will pull you over using a familiar siren, and if you don’t know what a San Antonio police car looks like, you should take some time and do so. If you’re being pulled over by an older vehicle in bad condition, it is doubtful this is a cop, and you should call the police.

This constant vigilance can be even more critical for those who are more likely to be approached by fake police officers. Police impersonators are more likely to target individuals who look easily fooled, especially young people and the elderly. Even if you don’t fall into one of these groups, make sure to look out for others, helping to make our communities a safer place for all.

When in doubt, always call 911. The San Antonio Police Officers’ Association wants you to continue having a safe summer in San Antonio.