Police Training Gets 3D

Police officer practicing shooting at a target range

A much-needed upgrade is coming to SAPD’s cadet training facility.  A new virtual reality training simulation has been added to the AACOG Regional Law Enforcement Academy. The virtual reality training simulation helps train police officers in high-stress situations in a controlled, simulated environment.


These simulations help cadets learn how to think on their feet and problem solve their way through tense situations. These virtual simulations can portray scenarios like school shootings, workplace violence and other serious situations.  Cadets in training are given specially designed pistols and are set up in a state-of-the-art room wired with sensors and special technology to sense trigger times, shots fired and the accuracy of the shots fired from the specially-designed training weapons.


The brand new technology has been intergraded into the newly renovated AACOG Law Enforcement Academy now in its 45th year helping train and educate San Antonio’s police force. The academy, managed by Richard Bryan, also helps train officers in new concerns like the rise of cellphone camera, appropriate usage of social media and adherence to body camera policy.


The new top-down simulation system came with the current facility site and serves as a life-size more true to life way to train cadets. “Knowing the experience, knowing what it feels like to have to make that decision, it gives you a lot more confidence going out into the streets,” cadet Matt Lemmon said when discussing his training at the AACOG facility.  Thanks to the new facilities new cadets can feel more prepared for the situations they are likely to face in the real world and now they can take those challenges more head on with better knowledge and experience.