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A Hamilton, New Zealand, woman visits Muscle and Ink Tattoo, a local tattoo parlor, once a week so that her tattoo artist, Jason Ward, can apply her stick-on tattoos.  She says it makes her feel “equal” when he applies them.

Ward, who has a special place in his heart for this woman, gives her the full treatment.  His “application” comes with gloves, spray and all that goes with real, permanent tattoos.

Ward said, “”The first time I met this lady, she walked in to our studio and asked me to apply some stick-on tattoos for her, and I obliged. Since that day, she has come in at the same time every Friday. I have had clients I have been tattooing when she comes in, and asked them if they are happy to break while I take 5 minutes out of my day to keep her smiling. My everyday goal is to make someone smile and have a great day, as I am just an average guy doing average things that make me and my family happy.”

Ward may think he’s a regular guy, but he is above average to those he makes feel equal and special.

(source: sunnyskyz)

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