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According to public record and media reports, ten people have been killed by alleged drunk drivers in Bexar County since the beginning of 2015. Seven suspects have been charged with intoxication manslaughter in relation to those accidents according to the Bexar County District Attorney’s office.

The San Antonio Police Department urges you to stay safe this Labor Day Weekend.  Historically, it’s not a pretty picture.

In the state of Texas during the summer of 2014, 336 people, including drivers and their passengers, were killed in alcohol related crashes, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.  Another 680 were seriously injured.  This agency is seriously pushing their end of summer “Drink Drive, Go to Jail” campaign. The current wave of the campaign will end around the Labor Day holiday which is notorious for accidents.

San Antonio Police continue to crack down on DWIs. Since January 1 of this year, almost 500 suspects have been arrested on felony drunken driving charges and thousands of others have been charged with misdemeanors.

Driving while intoxicated is raised to a felony if the suspect is arrested on the charge after at least two previous convictions, has a child passenger, or if the driver causes serious bodily injury or death.

Don’t take the risk of being pulled over, killing yourself, a loved one, or an innocent motorist.  It’s not worth it.

Have a safe Labor Day.

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