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We all want to instill great values in our children. Compassion, Tolerance, Character. But in our busy society it can be difficult to teach such ideals to our kids when we don’t have time to even eat regular dinners with our family.

But when you really think about it, taking time to volunteer as a family unit is a great idea when you have busy schedules. It’s like hitting more birds with one stone. When you do it right, a family activity that teaches hard work and compassion accomplishes great goals: Family Time, Teaching of Valuable Lessons and Bettering your Community.

Many parents may think their children are too young for such activities, but even the youngest kids can benefit for volunteering alongside their family members. They will learn about compassion and understanding and see the fine example you are setting for them. They will feel needed and probably appreciated.

To get an idea about what type of volunteer work is best for your family, think about how much time you have, when you have it and what you enjoy doing. Then take a look at the resources in your community.

Blue Cares is always looking for help with our many different projects around town. So don’t be afraid to get out there and make a difference! Set a great example for your family and raise kids who see the value in giving to others.

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