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The San Antonio Police Officer’s Association (SAPOA) community outreach program, Blue Cares, is thrilled to bring “Blue Santa” back to the San Antonio area this holiday season! Blue Santa, a holiday giving program, began back in 1976 in an effort to bring joy to families going through hard times.

As police officers, we see more downtrodden family situations than anyone should ever have to and know firsthand that there is a need in our city for kindness, charity and cheer during the holidays.  Recognizing those families who are experiencing difficulty and, in turn, bringing happiness to the parents and children is one of our favorite parts of the job.

From November through late December, we will collect and deliver food, clothing, toys and monetary donations to thousands in our area. It’s a huge undertaking but is important to all of us at SAPOA.  We couldn’t make Blue Santa possible without the help from fellow San Antonians like you and our terrific sponsors. It’s through your generosity and involvement that this program is successful.

Please consider making a donation of any of the above items to Blue Santa. Our website has a link to donation centers around the city for your convenience. You can also visit any San Antonio Police Department substation for drop offs and more information. In addition to goods and cash contributions, we’re also looking for those who can help us make deliveries to the under privileged families. If you are able to help in any of these ways, please contact us via our web site.

As Police Officers, we made a vow to protect our community. This doesn’t just include protection in times of trouble and crime, but to honestly care for and take care of those in need all year long.

Thank YOU for supporting Blue Santa and making the holidays brighter for all San Antonians this season!

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